Steve Melrose
Steve grew up on the Isle of Wight where he developed his love of the untamed nature and beauty of the sea and coastline. This love lay dormant for the next 40 years when Steve left the Isle of Wight to pursue a successful career in commerce, which ended in 2008 when he decided the suits, and demands of London life were no longer for him. He took a belated gap year and whilst traveling in the Albany area of Australia he bought a small Kodak digital camera not knowing this was the beginning of his new passion.

Steve quickly moved from the digital compact to a variety of DSLR cameras including Olympus, Canon, finally settling on Nikon's D800 and Hasselblad's h3dii. As Steve practiced his photography his love for the sea became the ideal outlet for his creativity and he now specialises in photography of the coastlines of France and the UK. He especially loves the isolation and sense of abandonment some of these areas offer. Steve is wholly self-taught rejecting structured training for his favored self-expression.

He avidly reads all photographic magazines, books as well as buying various online video courses. As part of his development Steve also learnt to print and frame his works, which are on sale at La-Mer in Whitstable Harbour Village, Steve lives near Canterbury, Kent with his family.